The SK6AW WEB-Cluster will SHUT DOWN on 30 Nov. 2015. Thank you all for these years.
 DX Call Frequency  SpotterBand DXCC Info Comment Time
5B4AJC 7010.1  EA3DT40m CW [AS] Cyprus Tnx for contac. 06:18z
T2TT 21250.0  R3ZF15m SSB[OC] Tuvalu tnx QSO 06:18z
F5INJ 3509.0  EA7AYF80m CW [EU] France cq cq dx 599 06:16z
T2TT 14260.0  IT9DVZ20m SSB[OC] Tuvalu TNX 59 up5 06:18z
KK2DOG 7076.0  IZ0MIO40m DIG[NA] United States JT65 -08 db...Tnx Mike !!! 06:16z
JF1IZA 21072.0  US5QM15m CW [AS] Japan cq cq 06:17z
IZ5FSO 7041.0  SQ6LBW40m DIG[EU] Italy BPSK31 Pietro Italy San Gimig 06:16z
UF6V/R6CZ 7028.0  R2EA40m CW [EU] European Russia Tnx Alex! 06:16z
T2TT 14260.0  HS5SRH20m SSB[OC] Tuvalu tnx 59 up5 06:15z
T2TT 14260.0  UA9FBC20m SSB[OC] Tuvalu TNX QSO 73!up5 06:15z
CE0Y/RZ3FW 1818.5  W3LPL160m CW [SA] Easter Island Heard in UT and NH 06:15z
CE0Y/RZ3FW 1818.5  FW5JJ160m CW [SA] Easter Island Tnx qso Alex 73 06:14z
T2TT 14260.0  IZ7BMX20m SSB[OC] Tuvalu up 5 lp very strong 06:14z
5B4AJC 7010.1  WA9RCQ40m CW [AS] Cyprus  06:14z
4A90IARU 7176.0  F4GMM40m SSB[NA] Mexico  06:13z
T2TT 21250.0  RU3PH15m SSB[OC] Tuvalu tnx 59 up 5 tim tuvalu 06:13z
T2TT 14260.0  RU3PH20m SSB[OC] Tuvalu tnx59 up5 tim tuvalu 06:13z
J3/KO8SCA 7021.0  R6AA40m CW [NA] Grenada tnx qso up 2.2 06:12z
HD90IARU 7154.0  HJ6FSL40m SSB[SA] Ecuador 59-73 06:12z
DF4XX 7027.0  R2EA40m CW [EU] Fed. Rep. of Germany Tnx Kurt! 06:11z
T2TT 14260.0  IW3IBK20m SSB[OC] Tuvalu up5 improving 06:11z
ZD8AA 1833.0  KH6DX160m CW [AF] Ascension Island loud in hawaii 06:11z
CT7ANG 7179.5  IK7BPV40m SSB[EU] Portugal Op. Cliff cq dx 06:11z
T2TT 21250.0  HS5SRH15m SSB[OC] Tuvalu tnx 59 up5 06:10z
ZA/HA5OV 3506.0  UA2FT80m CW [EU] Albania  06:10z

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