DX Call Frequency  SpotterBand DXCC Info Comment Time
HZ1SK 14014.0  W3WW20m CW [AS] Saudi Arabia Tnx Samir 73 & GM 02:35z
KP4CPC 14012.0  RA4PQ20m CW [NA] Puerto Rico tnx Carlos strong sigs 02:34z
K2G 7278.0  KO4GS40m SSB[NA] United States  02:33z
K2G 7034.5  W8JPF40m CW [NA] United States 13 Colonies - GA 02:33z
K2K 1845.0  AB1OC160m SSB[NA] United States LSB 02:34z
KB4RAB 14076.0  R3NA20m DIG[NA] United States tnx QSO JT65 02:33z
K2G 14263.0  K4NHW20m SSB[NA] United States 13 Col GA 02:33z
E51DWC 18070.1  N9UKX17m CW [OC] South Cook Islands hears very well.try him 02:33z
RW6FS 14010.3  K0ZR20m CW [EU] European Russia  02:32z
K2B 7048.0  CE3WW40m SSB[NA] United States CW 02:32z
R2015EP 14071.6  UA1ZFG20m CW [EU] European Russia tnx QSO 02:32z
K2F 1827.0  N3LPJ160m CW [NA] United States MD send the rest down here,hi 02:31z
W2CKL 14060.0  SM6NZA20m CW [NA] United States tu nice 2xqrp 72! 02:31z
K2J 14033.1  K4HC20m CW [NA] United States Thanks good ears, Nate GL! 02:31z
EU7A 14268.0  WM3J20m SSB[EU] Belarus  02:31z
R2015EP 14070.0  UA6HJT20m CW [EU] European Russia tnx QSO 02:30z
E41WT 14167.0  N3ZA20m SSB[AS] Palestine  02:30z
K2C 7264.0  N4BFR40m SSB[NA] United States 13 Colonies 02:30z
6Y5WJ 3531.0  W3LPL80m CW [NA] Jamaica Heard in MA and NH 02:30z
R4DBB 7040.0  OH1FUS40m SSB[EU] European Russia 599 02:30z
HZ1SK 14014.0  DK3HM20m CW [AS] Saudi Arabia tnx 02:30z
HA4FF 14031.4  W3WW20m CW [EU] Hungary Zoli FB CW OP 02:29z
K2L 14295.0  K4DMR20m SSB[NA] United States South Carolina 02:29z
W4SCV 14017.5  UY0IF20m CW [NA] United States tnx QSO Bob 02:29z
K2B 3750.0  KJ3N80m SSB[NA] United States where are all the others? 02:28z

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