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Nov 28 2015, 15:39 av DF3VW
Will be missing your cluster. Thank you for all the years full of useful information.

Good luck es 73s Franz DF3VW
Nov 28 2015, 12:44 av PD5ROB
very sad that this cluster shut down. I Always use only this cluster ! Thanks for all these years and i will miss THIS cluster. Take care 73.
Nov 27 2015, 15:45 av W2GGY
i will miss this cluster which is the best of all clusters. Thanks again and good luck on your adventures.

73's John W2GGY
Nov 27 2015, 15:39 av KC2TFI
Sure am going to miss this cluster, but THANKS for all the years and take care and stay safe .

Bob / KC2TFI
Nov 26 2015, 16:34 av DL2AAV
I am very sad, that the cluster will shot down!! You did alle the years an ufb job.
GL for the future!
73 Wieland DL2AAV and DF0DJ
Nov 26 2015, 10:25 av DL2AMM
I am very sad when I no longer have the SK6AW_DX_CLUSTER, it was always grown to love.
thank you for the time and service. I miss it already : - ((

DL2AMM Manfred (Med)
Nov 24 2015, 16:48 av DJ8XB
Nov 24 2015, 16:47 by DJ8XB
I love this best cluster ever. Please do not shut down! PLEASE !!!
73's de DJ8XB - Jürgen
Nov 23 2015, 14:52 av EI8EJB
Although I had only been using the cluster here for less than a year, I must agree with everyone posting and say that it is a shame that the cluster is shutting down. It is a good looking page and easy to use and filter. I am very sorry that you are shutting it down, all I can say is "THANK YOU" for providing a great service and who knows, perhaps it will resurrect again in the very near future????

Best regards and your blue screened cluster will be sorely missed on my laptop and mobile..

73's for the future and once again, Thank You all at SK6AW,

Brian Whelan
Nov 18 2015, 13:22 av G4CUS/Antony
Thank you for a great cluster. Sorry you are closing it down as many others are.
It looks great on the main PC screen and on my iPad.
Good wishes for the future, Antony G4CUS
Nov 14 2015, 22:31 av DF2EAN
I love this best cluster ever. Please do not shut down! PLEASE !!!
73's de DF2EAN - Frank - JO31JO
Nov 14 2015, 22:00 av IZ3JZK PAOLO
Nov 12 2015, 23:13 av LA3RK
Sorry to see the cluster being taken down, by far the best cluster I have found in terms of layout, filtering capabilities and ease of use both on the PC and on my mobile.
What is needed to keep the cluster going?

73 de Olaf
Nov 12 2015, 08:17 av LA3EUA
Synd att clusteret läggs ner. Är det någon chans för att driva vidare? Spons, fund me ev. att någon kan ta över källkoden och driva vidare?
Detta är det bästa clusteret för oss norrmänn också.
73 de LA3EUA
Nov 09 2015, 15:54 av DF4NW
Rick, I am sorry about your decision. SK6AW is far the best out of all the others DX clusters, and suits perfectly my requirements. I still hope that someone will take over. Thank you for all your efforts. All the best es 73 Willi – DF4NW
Nov 04 2015, 08:40 av F8DRA
Hi, i'm very sad if you are really closing this wonderfull Cluster, it was the best one according to me. Let me thank you for all the great job you did for us. Best 73.
Nov 03 2015, 23:11 av LA3VJA
Ja veldig synd at dere må stenge.Ikke bare Sveriges beste cluster,me Værdens Beste.Gjør alt dere kan for å fortsette. Pleace de LA3VJA.
Nov 02 2015, 18:43 av SM0DZB
hEJ vAD SYND ATT NI SKA STÄNGA! nI ÄR DET BÄSTA DX cluster för oss i Sverige! Går det inte att hitta en lösning så att ni kan fortsätta?? Mer sponsring kan det hjälpa upp det hela?? 73 de Tore SM0DZB
Nov 01 2015, 15:03 av OE5PBN
Thank your very much for this CLUSTER. I think also, this was the best DX-CLUSTER in the WEB. I miss him very much! 73 de OE5PBN
Oct 28 2015, 07:55 av IK2YRA
It's a pity you have to close down, you have made the best cluster on the web!
Thanks for all this years of perfect services!
73's a GL.
Carlos ik2yra-lu4ae
Oct 27 2015, 06:50 av DG7KAQ
Thank You for this Cluster and all the work over the years. I loved to use it. Have a good time.

73´s de Manfred
Oct 21 2015, 11:01 av PE1MPL
Thanks for the many years i have use the cluster.
It is the best cluster for me ever see on the internet.

Many thanks, Best regards.

73! Theo pe1mpl
Oct 19 2015, 14:23 av TF3CY
Hi - sad to hear you are closing down

we are many from TF that use the cluster - if you care to share the source code/setup - please email besveinsson@gmail.com - I would be very interrested (IT guy / working for a major service provider in TF)

73, Benni TF3CY
Oct 18 2015, 23:33 av DG5KCB
Dear team of SK6AW,
it was the best cluster i know. Why do you quit the job? I will miss it.
Many thanks for all the years. vy 73 de
Christian DG5KCB
Oct 18 2015, 21:43 av RM4AW
Очень жаль ! Много перепробовал разных, но это кластер ЛУЧШИЙ !!!
Oct 18 2015, 20:25 av OE5MPL
Thanks for all the years you provided us with this excellent cluster, I will miss it.
However it is your decission. Here Peter is vy sad about :-(
Oct 17 2015, 18:28 av EA3CC
Dear Rick and crew all involved in this outstanding cluster.
Too bad to hear about the short run left over, certainly for me the best cluster over the past years by far.
My sincere greeting and consideration for your effort and great command shown.
Wish U the best and vy Qrv from gratefull me.

Frank EA3CC
Barcelona - CATALONIA

Best 73,

Oct 17 2015, 00:08 av EI5GUB
T hanks for a great cluster,it was very helpful and was on every fone and tablet here for years,it was excellent for keeping track of dxpeditions etc,thanks again
Oct 15 2015, 14:14 av OE3CFC
Many thanks for the time, i use daily your cluster, i will missed !

73 OE3CFC chris and my xyl OE3YTA Tina
Oct 14 2015, 17:15 av PE1DUG
Sorry to hear the cluster will soon stop. I did use the cluster almost daily on my ipad. It was very useful to me. Thanks for the service you gave to the ham-society.
Oct 10 2015, 22:16 av WP3DZ
No is off online from your website SK6AW, thanks

ex-WP3DZ now is KP4DZ
Oct 10 2015, 22:15 av WP3DZ
Please change my new vanity callsign.


Saludos Edwin, 73´s
Oct 10 2015, 11:44 av PD1AHM
Sadly the cluster will stop. It is my favorit and is also linked on my homepage. Thank you for all these years of your service. It will be missed.

Vy 73 Hans, PD1AHM
Oct 10 2015, 11:41 av ON3KT
Best cluster i ever used !!
Thx for all the time and work you put into.
kurt ON3KT
Oct 10 2015, 04:50 av ZS1RJQ
Sad as its the only one I use, Bye
Oct 09 2015, 22:56 av PA1FJ
Too bad your DX cluster will stop it was my favorite DX cluster, but anyway thanks.

Fred PA1FJ
Oct 08 2015, 20:04 av ON7VA
Hello and thanks for a very useful radio resource.
hope you can come back cluster.

Vy 73 ON7VA - OP7V
Oct 07 2015, 22:00 av DL9OM
Thank you very much for the best cluster.

Vy 73 es 55, DL9OM
Oct 07 2015, 16:37 av DL4ZBX
Too bad that the cluster at 30.11. is turned off.
Thank you for the many years.
Vy 73 DL4ZBX
Oct 06 2015, 18:04 av W4AZB
SK6AW,Thanks for the best Dx-Cluster. I have spoken with you on 20 mts several times over the years. On one occasion you told me you kept up the cluster and web site with no little or no help. My hats off to you on a job well done. We will see you on the air.


Oct 04 2015, 23:47 av DL4OCH
Very sad to read the decision, but on the other hand, the world needs to go on without a one-person-project.

Many Many thanks for providing us such an excellent service over the past years. I will really miss this cluster, as it was the sole one, which gave me the chance to mark missing DXCC.

As it has been mentioned by all the others, let us know how to keep this seldom place alive !

Best Wishes, vy73 de Wilm,
Oct 04 2015, 14:18 av M6OXO
BEST 73s
Oct 04 2015, 12:25 av DL5RBT
Dear Rick,

very sad to read that the Cluster will be shut down. But I can fully understand Your reasons why.
You did a excellent work over the years and I'm sure, You spent a lot of time and money.
SK6AW had an uptime nearby 100%, contains a lot of useful information that can not be found on other clusters. I really never lost the connection if needed. (like other links)

Again, thanks a lot for Your work and maybe, somewhere in future, SK6AW - Cluster will be back.

73's 55's es best dx

Best Regards

Thomas DL5RBT
Oct 04 2015, 00:52 av DECODE from RK6FV

Your DX- Cluster s top ! It is unfortunate that it will not be! Thank you very much for the work done!
Oct 03 2015, 23:27 av RK6FV
Ваш DX-кластер лутший! Очень жаль ,что его не будет!Большое спасибо Вам за проделанную работу!
Oct 03 2015, 16:17 av ZS1RJQ
The best DX cluster by far, we will get by without you but it wont be the same. Thanks for being there, good luck. Michael
Oct 03 2015, 15:50 av PA3GSF, René.
Thanks for being my favorit DX- cluster for so many years! Best of luck and 73 to the members of Hisingens Radioklubb.
Oct 03 2015, 00:19 av DD3VH
This is very sad news, as many others said, the cluster is the best so far on the web.
If there is any chance to help you keeping it up, please let us know! By then, thank you so much for your efforts in running this invaluable service for so many years.
73 es gl de Franz, DD3VH
Oct 02 2015, 21:19 av SM6U, Rick
Hi all!

Thank you for your appreciacions for the SK6AW DX-Cluster. The response has been much huger than I could ever imagine! The reasons for its shutdown is mainly that I, after ten years, do not have enough time or motivation to keep it updated and running anymore.

Unfortunately, we have more than 5000 unique visitors every day, so I understand if this may come as a shock some of you, I have tried to get rid of the workload for a few years now but had no success. As the situation is right now, the server is getting tired and my static IP provicer is cancelled and our services cannot keep running technically either. The server cannot be moved straight off since it will keep carrying my private issues and has basically been serving "SK6AW" as a side-job.

The source code has been delivered to SK6AW and perhaps the cluster and some other functions may be up and running later on. I really hope someone catches the flag and keeps it running.

Best wishes,
SM6U, Rick
SK6AW - Hisingens Radioclub
Oct 02 2015, 21:16 av DK3CG Rudolf
Hi guys, First mny mny tnx for your work during the last 10 years for. SK6AW is by far the very best DX Cluster I know. What is behind that you shut it down!?? How can we help ??
I really will miss this one and only cluster. 73 and a little hope that it will stay further. Tak so mycket.
Oct 02 2015, 20:08 av WHY SHUT DOWN THE CLUSTER ??
This cluster is the best and why you must shut down this cluster ?
To expensiv or why ????
Oct 02 2015, 17:46 av EA2WD
Dear friends.
I just read the sad news that this cluster is going to disappear.
I've been using it for about 10 years, and since I discovered on the network, is the only cluster that I use.
It has helped me a lot to complete and find entities banded and variety of prefixes.
The truth is that it is a real shame for me and a great disgust.
Many greetings.

Oct 01 2015, 22:41 av pa3anf
Can this DX-cluster be saved.
It is very good, one of the best.

By donations may be?

Best 73 de Jos PA3ANF
Oct 01 2015, 19:53 av DB1BFM
That's really a great pity to hear that you will shutdown the cluster soon:-( You definitely have the best layout and customizing options of all web clusters!

I wish you all the best and many thx for all the years.

vy73 Mario
Oct 01 2015, 18:40 av W9HBH
Sorry to hear you are shutting down the cluster.
I think it is the best currently available and use it every day.
Its easy and has a very good layout

But I do understand the time and cost keeping it on the web

Thanks for allowing us to use your site.

Steve W9HBH
Sep 24 2015, 06:27 av ZS1RJQ
Time on cluster stuck again at 16:15z
Sep 19 2015, 23:47 av HP1ALX
Jun 27 2015, 18:13 av NC4MI
Jun 03 2015, 15:02 av DG1SGW
Hello all friends of sk6aw cluster!
Can anybody tell me why i am not able to get any spots on 4M? All the other bands work very well but not 4M.

Kindest regards and thanks for your answers, DG1SGW, KLAUS.
Mar 22 2015, 07:42 av HS0ZLZ
Hello! Happy to read the DX-cluster here in mid Thailand, just get my folded dipole up and now qrv from here, running qrp with my FT817ND.
With love, de
Henning / HS0ZLZ
Mar 17 2015, 23:52 av SM6U

Sorry, but three UA9 regions was moved into European Russia a couple of years ago. Most of them still deny it and since they still have the confusing UA9-prefixes they claim to be in Asia. These regions are:

UA9F is zone 17 in Eu Russia
UA9G is zone 17 in Eu Russia
UA9X is zone 17 in Eu Russia
Mar 16 2015, 15:37 av YU1MS
dr om`s I wkd stn RT9X and on this cluster and that station is displayed as Euro-Russian. But that station is located in Asiatic part of Russia. From my place the distance is 6394.2 KM.

vy 73 and all the best
Feb 08 2015, 16:19 av N0UWK
I talked with Henrik (SM6YZC) while we were mobile via echolink on our 147.090 local repeater. We talked about a person his grandmother knew from Roseau, Mn. Floyd B. Olson
....... Connie ..........
Jan 26 2015, 23:32 av VK2KJJ
Thanks for an execelent system. But is it possible to blok one spotter? I am thinking of W3LPL - he can hear much more than most ham's, and he is filling up the system with none readeable spot's. So if I had the opportunity to blok him, I would be happy.

Vy 73 de VK2KJJ -Joe
Jan 24 2015, 20:48 av KA1ULN
so far i am liking wk6aw for checking the dx cluster.
there are a few ham radio questions i have. do i have to pay money to get my qso recognized in LOTW before I file for WAS? LOTW is not very easy to understand.

how come ten-ten.org nets and chapters are not taking place? why isn't there notifications for all 10-10 members?

I am loving WSPR! if you ave not tried it i highly recommend it.

YL's where are you? the YL nets are very well attended. what do we have to do to get more YL's on the radio and pushing the PTT button! JOIN US 14.288 OR ECHOLINK

check out my blog: KA1ULN.BLOGSPOT.COM
Dec 15 2014, 13:15 av KB4LW/Les
Had a typo error on registration. How can I correct call sign?
Dec 01 2014, 01:33 av DD4DA
Hi Guy`s up there,

you have build a very nice page and a very versative and fast dx-cluster thats not have been problems with all browsers i checked up this time.
I like the colour and design style of the wohle website. The Programmer team has done a good job. This is my first decision if i need a cluster view.
Please don't follow the style of DX-SUMMIT. After they had rebuild there page, that's a horribale slow and semmst be not working witrh all browsers this time.

Nov 25 2014, 21:10 av

This sounds strange.

Did you click the links in the e-mail for activation?

If you did, please try the password recovery at http://www.sk6aw.net/?menu=login&forgotpassword=yes . If you did not receive any email, please try to sign up again.
Nov 24 2014, 19:01 av G4DHF David
Hi Guy's,

I'm also trying to activate my account but am unable to do so and have tried several times. Is there a minimum requirement for the password? If so can you let us know? Looking forward to logging-in. Thanks for the service to the amateur community.

73, David G4DHF
Nov 24 2014, 18:43 av g4gmw
I too cannot log in i have tried at least fifteen times my fingers are worn out I'm going around in circles!
Nov 21 2014, 12:51 av IZ5WSR

Dear editors SK6AW,
are IZ5WSR savior, I can not get into Logga In
I put the new psword but I can not.
Oct 04 2014, 21:15 av E73NO/DEKI
Very nice site,i like cluster and page. All the best.73
Sep 19 2014, 20:46 av RM4AW
All the best !
Sep 12 2014, 11:29 av OE5CCN
Like it very much our Cluster and Page ...is there any possibility to run my Cluster in my LOG SOFTWARE LOG4OM Please tell me the Adress of Cluster

Many Thanks best 73 OE5CCN Chris
Aug 02 2014, 18:24 av ON7YZ
hi everyone
i support the website and the dx cluster.
good job guys go one .
73's the on7yz mario
Jul 21 2014, 22:52 av OE7FMJ
i am on holiday on the camping in Liseberg till 22nd of July. In the morning i made a little walk into the forrest and i found your antenna farm. It is very fantastic.
I put a QSL Card into the box left the door.
I wish you to have lot of QSO´s.

73 de franz, OE7FMJ
Jul 21 2014, 22:51 av OE7FMJ
i am on holiday on the camping in Liseberg till 22nd of July. In the morning i made a little walk into the forrest and i found your antenna farm. It is very fantastic.
I put a QSL Card into the box left the door.
I wish you to have lot of QSO´s.

73 de franz, OE7FMJ
Jul 20 2014, 21:18 av VU2EXP / Rajesh Vagadia (Rajko
Excellent Website !!!

Truly dedicated portal forHams & by Hams! Just Great. I liked members hard work for creating the Antenna Farm. Also Good features inserted like, DX Cluster, Online Logbook, Locater tools. I will rank 10 / 10.

Keep it up.

Thanks & 73's

Rajesh P. Vagadia
Jun 22 2014, 16:31 av RM4AW
Пробовал многие кластеры,
но ваш ЛУЧШИЙ !
Jun 04 2014, 14:45 av SM6EKG
Imponerad! Stort TACK för en kanonhemsida, bra jobbat! Precis registrerat mig, skall med stort intresse gå igenom menyerna. Hoppas kunna besöka klubben snart! Har varit QRT i nästan 25 år men nu åter med full fart som glad pensionär.
Vy 73 de

Apr 18 2014, 20:07 av CT4CH
Ett utmärkt "cluster". Fint upplagt.
73 Bengt (Ben)
Apr 16 2014, 04:34 av K1FQL
Thank you for providing the locator tools and DX-Cluster data online. Yours is a beautifully designed website. '73 Martin
Apr 11 2014, 13:49 av G8AKF
Hello and thanks for a very useful radio resource.
A problem for me is, how do I see the date of a spot on my Android phone, please?
On pc, hover mouse cursor over time but on Android, touch time and nothing!
Is there a way to do it that I have missed?

Many thanks & best wishes, John
Apr 11 2014, 13:47 av G8AKF
Hello and thanks for a very useful radio resource.
A problem for me is, how do I see the date of a spot on my Android phone, please?
On pc, hover mouse cursor over time but on Android, touch time and nothing!
Is there a way to do it that I have missed?

Many thanks & best wishes, John
Apr 05 2014, 14:18 av ON3LMA
Hello! problem for me, not possible to spoter, while I'm logged in.
Thanks for your help!
Mar 22 2014, 03:22 av ad3aa
I've been using the cluster for about a year. I plan to have my al800h up soon.
Mar 19 2014, 03:17 av KG7GNI
I was a member of this club, when I, and my family, lived in Sweden, back in 1997 and 1998. I was SM6WRM. I recently got back into amateur radio and have been looking to contact anyone from Sweden, but especially from SK6AW. I live in Coburg, Oregon. Equipment is an Icom 7600 and a "special" 220 foot loop that covers all bands from 6 meters through 80 meters. 10 meter has been very strong, here. I've had contacts in Slovenia, Germany, Holland, Japan, Australia, all on SSB. Would anyone like to arrange an attempt at contact? My email is mibrooks@me.com
Dec 30 2013, 15:33 av SM6BPX
Finns det någon möjlighet att lägga in förnamn på 20:o i "Topplistan" Vore till stor hjälp för mej. Så slipper man att fråga om namnet.
73 de Bossse
Dec 16 2013, 13:15 av N8EHW
I use the cluster every day, so I made a small donation to say thanks. Keep up the great work there.
Happy holidays - Tom
Nov 01 2013, 13:20 av LA2NTA
Keep getting wrong mode when spotting... Can't find where to change this.
Oct 01 2013, 02:58 av Chris ZL3LF
Hi.. Quick thing. ZM90DX in your cluster is New Zealand, not ZL9.. The latest country files at www.country-files.com have the iota etc in there...
Aug 02 2013, 23:31 av ON3LMA/OO3LMA
Hello! problem for me, not possible to spoter, while I'm logged in.
Thanks for your help!
Aug 01 2013, 02:39 av ON3LMA
Hello! problem for me, not possible to spoter, while I'm logged in.
Thanks for your help!
73 ON3LMA.
Mar 19 2013, 09:25 av T30MK Melody Marouea Kamraratu
How can I register in the DX Cluster
Feb 04 2013, 21:30 av SM0HRP
Hint for DX-ers when push.me notidication is closed down! Assuming Iphone.
1. Register a gmail account. Very simple
2. Googlel "How to set up Push Gmail in iPhone mail". Follow instructions. Very simple
3. In "Options" of this cluster choose which dxcall to be filtered and fill in your new "xxxx@gmail.com" account. Finally Save.
4. Within seconds you will have push email when your DX call shows upp on the cluster.
5. You may choose proper sms notofications signal to hear the email in the phone.
Now you will not miss the final DX stations to get the awards you hunt!!!
Feb 02 2013, 21:02 av SM0HRP
Is assime Iphone push notifications dont work as pushme.to is "dead" service now or?
Would be great to have it!!! Any plans for this?
Thanks for excellent cluster otherwise!!
Feb 02 2013, 18:57 av DL5KCI
Hey, is it possible to draw out a spot from the Cluster if was maken by mistake ?
Feb 01 2013, 09:21 av SM0HRP
I am trying to register to use the cluster functions but I can not do it. Never seem to receive the mail to activite the account. Have tried from XP and Iphone and IPAD but nil. .:(
73 Kari
Jan 31 2013, 13:15 av SM3UWZ
I am wondering about being able to contact a user via this page. Would it be possible to have an own page where all could display images and a brief info about the user.

It Would be great.

73 & 44 de sm3uwz/Lars
Jan 11 2013, 16:14 av ON3BRC
welcome to on3brc 73's thanks sie you on de bend
Dec 23 2012, 18:21 av CO2RVA
Felices Fiestas Navideñas para todos los Radioaficionados y la humanidad
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 For All OM and People the Earth
Dec 22 2012, 14:23 av SA5BZU
Would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 73 de sa5bzu
Dec 22 2012, 14:21 av SA5BZU
Vill passa på och önska alla en riktigt God Jul och Gott nytt år. 73 de sa5bzu
Dec 07 2012, 22:08 av NL7HH
I really like the web site. It is very handy and easy to use. I was just wondering if in the future a feature could be added to the dx spot page that could take you to our log book.
Thanks for all you do.
Nov 12 2012, 23:41 av SM6U
Faults should be corrected since 24 hours ago.

Many many thanks to all of you who helped providing as much information as possible on the problem, it was a very rare problem, only targeting users who did NOT have "English" nor "Swedish" as an acceptable language in their browser. The server then correctly returned a 406 "Document not acceptable to client"-message, with the optional language-links that was available. A normal browser handled this just fine, but it seems as it IE8 and maybe some others was broken. Pages was thrown away and the browsers choose to load the root page instead, without further warnings.

Getting reports that it's working again after disabling the 406-error messages and just giving the English page by default, if no language fits.

Nov 11 2012, 12:57 av SM6U
Hi everyone. Thanks for all the kind words!

We are currently having some problems with login handling. I can't seem to find it, it works fine from here, and for most users it seems.

I would really need your help. Perhaps if you could send me as much information as possible (what link address you clicked on to sign in, screenshot of error messages, etc), so I have something to work with trying to repair this again. You can reach us on e-mail: info ..@.. sk6aw.net
Nov 11 2012, 09:18 av UA1AIR Sergey
Good day.
I am also has a problem with Login in IE 8.0 ( Windows XP and Windows 7 ). Also I can not change a language of the page. In Opera and Google Chrome all OK.
Good luck. 73!
Nov 11 2012, 08:14 av DL2ND Uwe

congratulations for your site, it is the best website ever ;)

Since the server maintenance I have a problem with Login, it doesn´t work.
Is there a known problem ?
Sep 28 2012, 15:24 av ON7VA

Congratulations on your site and log program, you're one of the best site in the whole world.
Hope that nothing has changed would regret it.
Good luck and thanks for the service.

73 Eddy ON7VA
Aug 19 2012, 11:57 av ON6MH

The best cluster so far.
Thanks for your work at maintaining it.
Just one question: why is cw filter listing digital stations .
Should be possible to filter on frequency.

Best 73's

Jul 16 2012, 18:15 av SM3KYH
Och nu gick det att logga in. Det var ett l som såg ut som 1 i lösenordet....
Jul 16 2012, 00:56 av SM3KYH
SM3KYH, nyreggad på SMFF, kan ej logga in.....
har reggat mig.
fått mail med aktiveringslänk.
kört den.
står längst upp på sidan att SM3KYH är senast reggad.
gick ej att logga in.
2 ggr provat med att be om nytt lösenord. Fått dessa via automail.
kan ändå inte logga in...
/Lars SM3KYH

Försökte maila ovanstående enl nedan men...

The original message was received at Mon, 16 Jul 2012 00:26:17 +0200
from mxf1.bahnhof.se []
----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
(reason: 550 5.1.1 User unknown)
(expanded from: <support@smff.sk6aw.net>)
----- Transcript of session follows -----
550 5.1.1 sm6uss... User unknown
Jun 12 2012, 04:44 av SM3SQJ
Jun 06 2012, 20:56 av SM6KTC / Erland
Hej grabbar.
En väldigt bra hemsida. Grattis, det är en av de bättre jag har träffat på.
Undrar om ni har någon nytta utav att ha med denna sida som jag länkar till....
Det är hur man kopplar in mikrofonkontakter till de flesta radiotranceivers.

Ha en riktigt varm, go och makalöst bra radiosommar. Tillönskas givetvis även alla som läser här.
Erland SM6KTC
May 28 2012, 16:48 av DG9MAQ
to the Webmaster:

All statistics-outputs of the online-log has one "m" to much in the band-info.
20m is shown as 20mm, 2m as 2mm :-)

vy 73, DG9MAQ
May 28 2012, 16:04 av DG9MAQ
Thank you for the very best online Logbook and the excellent DX-Cluster !

vy 73 de DG9MAQ
May 20 2012, 02:08 av MM3GPL
very good site pleased to have joined you all 73s mm3gpl GAVIN dornoch scotland IO77XV
May 11 2012, 23:13 av K3ra
Have been trying to retrieve my password. I get message that email has been sent but nothing in inbox
May 04 2012, 19:14 av ZS1RJQ
Just wanted to say thank you the cluster site, Michael in cape town
Apr 17 2012, 02:52 av M6CGL
hi can anyone tell me why when i put on a spot saying test why did it come up in light blue.. can i do that ??..
Apr 11 2012, 15:56 av sm5pey
QRM 14160 max i 60 grader från JO89UT
Apr 07 2012, 23:25 av G0UIQ
hi all great to see the website is looking GREAT hope to work some of you soon 73s bill G0UIQ
Mar 28 2012, 19:50 av KI4JDX
Mar 27 2012, 15:26 av LB7Q
Hei og takk for mange trivelige kontakter. Flott opplegg, men jeg savner et felt i loggen for navn på opperatøren.

Gd luck!
73 de LB7Q
Svein Erik
Jan 16 2012, 02:08 av HK3DES
Please correct: HK0NA is Malpelo Island in the Pacific Ocean.
San Andrés is in the Atlantic Ocean.
Tnx for your cluster. I love it.
Jan 08 2012, 22:29 av VK2GJC
I am very impressed with your website. Hope to catch up with you guys on the bands.

All the best for 2012, 73's and Good DXing

DE VK2GJC - Ulladulla NSW Australia, QF54fp
Dec 28 2011, 11:18 av 2M0BYI
I all. i have new call sign after passing final exam. Please advise how i can change call sign to MM0MYL.

awra best fa bonny Scotland
Dec 28 2011, 11:17 av MM6BAE
Hello i have just updated my callsign here in Scotland and was wondering how to change my username to my new Calsign

Dec 25 2011, 22:58 av SM6U, Rickard
Detta är en gästbok tillhörande SK6AW's hemsida, inget diskussionsforum. Tolkningar av regler och dylikt tas med fördel direkt till tävlingsledningen. E-Postadressen hittar ni på SMFF-Sidorna under regler & FAQ-Sidorna.
Dec 13 2011, 16:03 av SM4XBC
hejsan alla i sk6aw kul sidan ja ha laggt in de som min länk i min sida
ha de bra i söder

73 de sm4xbc
Dec 09 2011, 16:35 av SM7BEP
Nu när skattemärket inte behövs längre,så skulle det vara snyggt med ett klisterdekal med SMFF loggan bak på nummerskylten.Om den inte finns redan så kan det vara ett förslag att ta fram en sådan dekal 73 44 Amos
Dec 07 2011, 22:18 av ON7VA
Hi Sten,

Your website is the best where I work, it is perfect for the cluster and for information, congratulations.

73 Eddy ON7VA - OP7V
Nov 27 2011, 11:35 av SM7FSK
En undran. Most wanted, blir den updaterad när den som aktiverat den har loggat ?
Fö. TACK alla som återaktiverat många områden Trodde aldrig att jag skulle nå 100 detta år, är nu på god väg till 250 ! från att ha börjat 4/11.
73 och 44 Peter
Nov 26 2011, 12:02 av SM7FSK
Tackar för den förändringen. Underlättar mycket när man letar områden som är mindre aktiverade !!
73 och 44 Peter
Nov 25 2011, 10:47 av SM7FSK
Ett förslag: Gör områdesnumren klickbara när man listar områden med lokator och kommun. Då kan man snabbt se hur området har aktiverats.
73 44
Nov 18 2011, 17:32 av SM6BPX / Bosse
Tack snälla alla som har åkt ut i naturen och kör SMFF, jag har följt er på olika sätt genom olika sidor på SK6AW.NET. Börjar att trimma upp CW;n, ni har fått mig att starta upp radiohobbyn igen tack vare Tradera ( Ic 730 :n ) + Antenn enheten samt G5RV:n.
Har precis tagit Diplom 250 och jag är mäkta stolt över det. Har varit amatör sedan 1960, men i olika former, ni vet kortvåg/ Ukv. Ålder spelar ingen roll, man kör så det ryker.
Nov 15 2011, 07:59 av VK2HV
why is it that my spots and announcements do not appear ???
Nov 14 2011, 19:47 av n0che
Can someone help me to get in touch with SK6AW. I forget my password and e mail to sign in. Sorry ( old man sickness).
Jose LR.
Nov 09 2011, 18:12 av SM6U/Rick
Some answers,

DL5BB: Sure, sm6.se (or sk6aw.net) port 8000 (telnet cluster).

VK4TJ: Done, since about a week ago.

SM5-1252: Pse read the diploma rules (found in the menu to the left).
Nov 09 2011, 13:39 av DL5BB

is it possible to connect the ham radio deluxe to the SK6AW?

Oct 29 2011, 13:19 av sm6ddw
er just nu i Sicilien-varmt for arstiden: 26 gr. 73 de arne from varberg.
Oct 28 2011, 11:52 av VK4TJ
When using the "search by callsign", could we include the date?
If you type in 5A1A, for example, by interrogating other databases, it is apparent that they are from September 7th. It is not apparent here!
Many thanks
John VK4TJ
Oct 17 2011, 12:00 av SA3BIB
Förslag: läggatill en separat lista för alla områden man loggat. Samt en levande statestik för vilka områden som har flest loggar, fortfarande inte är aktiverade och vilka som kanske närmast, och dessutom närmaste som inte är aktiverade osv.
Oct 15 2011, 10:54 av SM5-1252
Undrar om SMFF-diplomet kan sökas även av SWL. Och i så fall med vilka villkor? Skulle inte så vara fallet finns det förmodligen sådana diplom på andra håll där man har FF-aktivitet. Tacksam för upplysningar!
Ullmar, SM5-1252
Oct 08 2011, 10:47 av YF4IJ
YF4IJ will be active as YE4W "Special QSO for Sail Wakatobi-Belitong 2011 Event". On air from Belitung Island (IOTA-144) on October 08-12, 2011 only 21 MHz phone,
QSL info via YF4IJ (Irfan)
Oct 08 2011, 10:24 av SM6DDW arne
Trevligt att se de gamla amatörerna qrv. 73 de arne i varberg.
Sep 16 2011, 16:05 av DL5DXS
En stort tack till SM6U, Rick och SK6AW team för dessa sida, jag tycker om karta och omraden rubriken. Jag blev en kommun jagare och kan nu tipsar SMFF numret i spalten och erhalla QTH / kommun namnet oxo. Bra ide!
med vänlig hälsning Steffen, DL5DXS nära Dresden
Sep 12 2011, 19:59 av DL4OK / NX1S
Nice website.

73 de DL4OK / NX1S

Aug 09 2011, 22:46 av SM7CMV
In reply to Jack OH3GZ...
When I am out /P I first call CQ SM as most of stns waiting on QRG are Swedish and we only get points from SM-stns. If EU-stns respect my QRX-Eu I always spend at least 15 -20 minutes working Eu-stns. If I remember correct I have even worked you. Yes, I found a QSO with u 4 Aug from SMFF-0309. Other eu-stns that call frequently are SP8RHP, DL5EBG. SP5CGN. SP5KCR, S58AL, HA7UG etc. So if you have patience and let me work the SM-s I will work you too.
73 Ken SM7CMV
Aug 03 2011, 13:55 av SA5BJM
Hej på er alla. Är strax i SM2, tänkte köra en del smff då jag bor granne till ett par st.. Det blir nog 40 CW som gäller, ska pröva lite SSB med. 73de Johan SA5BJM
Aug 03 2011, 09:33 av OH3GZ
Why SMFF is only for SM station....SM7CMV/p and some other only works SM !
may be better to forget this award....

73 Jack OH3GZ
Jul 29 2011, 12:03 av fredrik norgrenn
fra FREDRIK - SM8 8058 OSLO

29. JULI 2011

En STOR takk til SK6AW for SMFF aktiviteten. Nu blir det interssant å lese og lære om alle naturreservat områdene.

beste 73 og 44
sm8 8058

Jul 27 2011, 10:17 av SM7FSK
Finns ett flertal SMFF som ligger i mer än en kommun, hur gör man med dessa?
Finns också ett antal naturreservat enl. Naturvårdsverket som är markerade på Länsstyrelsens karta dock ej med stjärnsymbolen som jag inte finner som SMFF.
Någon som har nå'n idé.

73 Peter
Jul 25 2011, 12:19 av SM0SHG
Jag kan inte läsa bloggen i min telefon, kör Android. Alla andra funktioner på hemsidan verkar fungera. Någon som vet vad detta kan bero på?
Jul 22 2011, 12:22 av SM0KBW
Har efter samtal insett att det är vissa problem för de som kör CW på 3544.
Dålig aktivitet - de som har avstämda (mobil)antenner för 3744 har svårt att
köra på CW delen. Mitt förslag är att lägga en anropsfrekvens i närheten av
3744 t.ex. 3738 dit man kan flytta sig.

Bengt / KBW
Jul 22 2011, 11:47 av SM0KBW
Varför ligga på SSB frekvensen - 3744 och tugga CW, ni som gör det vet vilka ni är!
Det blockerar effektivt för de som vill ha frekvensen för SSB, det finns ju en dedicerad
frekvens 3544 och det är oftast tyst där? Det finns de som t.o.m kör CQ i CW på 3744.

Visst CW är tillåtet över hela bandet men varför ockupera en frekvens som uttalat är för ett annat mode?

Skärpning tack!

Jul 19 2011, 11:42 av SM6U, Rickard
Absolut ett bra förslag! När de sista 1336 områdena blivit kompletterade så kan vi köra kommuner.
Jul 14 2011, 18:40 av SM0SHG/3 Adde
Föbättringsförslag (?) gällande "Senast aktiva"...

Vore det inte en idé att även skriva ut Län och/eller kommun tillsammans med SMFF id't? Detta för att enklare få en överblick om var det finns aktivitet...

Jul 07 2011, 12:18 av SM6U/Rickard
Hej Lennart m.fl.

Det går att söka områden per namn här: http://smff.sk6aw.net/menu/smffomr (finns även under "Kartor & Områden" i menyn)
Jul 07 2011, 11:53 av SF4J/SM4CJY
Jun 05 2011, 10:14 av SM6U, Rick
Checked, the same spot (the last one you made) was found on our page too:

HZ1FI/P 14050.0 OZ1OXQ 140° 4540Km [AS] Saudi Arabia TNX QSO, GL IN TEST. 17:31z

Last spot made on the page was two minutes ago, and it also propagated thru the network. Sorry, but I cannot find any faults at this end.
Jun 05 2011, 05:15 av OZ1OXQ
Good morning

I still can not find the stns I spotted (in my screen)..

Check it up in ur screen.

VY 73 de

Jun 05 2011, 05:12 av OZ1OXQ

That spot and others I made, were not showed in my screen.

I tried many times to spot same qso.

No result.

VY 73 de

Jun 04 2011, 22:45 av SM6U, Rick
Hm? I found your last spot on the cluster network, posted on sk6aw.net:

14050.0 HZ1FI/P 4-Jun-2011 1731Z TNX QSO, GL IN TEST. <OZ1OXQ>

Seems to work fine?
Jun 04 2011, 19:40 av OZ1OXQ


Why can´t I spot today?


I have tried to spot many times, nu result.

VY 73 de


E - mail: vagn@vagnlaw.dk
May 30 2011, 19:55 av SM0HPL
Det verkar inte som om portabeltesten gav några nya SMFF-frälsta själar. Jag har i alla fall inte sett några bekräftade QSOn från nya stationer - bara de gamla vanliga, men det tackar vi för... 73 Anders SM0HPL
May 27 2011, 12:31 av DO6GZ
Hello from Germany,
the IPhone Page worked fine on my HTC HD7 with new Windows Phone System..
thanks for this Page....!

73`s de DO6GZ
May 19 2011, 23:41 av Holydais en Goteborg
EA2TW Hej Jon, maj nästa 31 kommer till Göteborg på semester i en vecka, skulle jag älska att träffa andra HAM, inte talar engelska, än mindre svenska radio men vi kan alla förstå.
En kram

May 15 2011, 12:53 av SM0HPL
Många av sveriges länsstyrelser har producerat "Utflyktsguider" som dels kan laddas ner men också beställas i tryckt form. Guiderna innehåller fakta om diverser naturreservat etc. och innehåller även kartor. Exempel:

"Utflyktsguide- 20 naturområden i Södermanlands län"


"Utflyktsguide till 33 skyddade naturområden i Stockholms län"


Det går att (lite trubbigt) söka på alla länsstyrelsers produktion genom att slänga in ordet "utflykt" i sökrutan för resp länsstyrelse, se denna sökning så förstår ni vad jag menar: http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/uppsala/Sv/Pages/sokresultat.aspx?k=utflykt&Scope=ALL
May 08 2011, 20:15 av SM5ACU
Det som Anders/SM0HPL skrev May 02 2011, 19:08 låter sunt.

Men det är viktigt att formulera reglerna rätt.
Till exempel är "vicinity of a motor vehicle" flertydigt i mångdubbel bemärkelse: Hur nära är "i närhenten av"? Och gäller det även andras motorfordon, exempelvis snöskotrar som passerar?

117, Uno/SM5ACU
May 04 2011, 19:00 av SM5COP
Läste i dagstidningarna från Norrbotten att det tillkommer 13 nya naturreservat där uppe och de skall "invigas" eller utlysas i varje fall under innevarande vecka. Kör hårt! 73 de Rune SM5COP / SM2COP (ibland)
May 02 2011, 22:12 av SM7BUA
För mig är SMFF:
Fågelsång i ena örat och morsesignaler i det andra...samt myror i byxorna!
Vad mer kan man önska!
73/44 de Mats BUA
May 02 2011, 19:08 av SM0HPL
Till SM0KBW och SM6CDN: ge inte upp, ni och era åsikter behövs. Det enda som krävs är en lättare regeländring som den i SOTA-programmet:

"The Programme does not accept operation from a motor vehicle","Operations must not be in, or in the vicinity of a motor vehicle. No part of the station may be connected in any way to the motor vehicle." http://www.sota.org.uk/docs/SOTA-General-Rules-1.16.pdf

En liknande regel kommer att införas i SMFF förr eller senare - något annat vore orimligt med devisen "Let's Save The Green Planet Earth" - men jag tror att hela programmet ännu letar efter sina former. Under tiden, långt ut i den störningsfria skogen och kör radio!

73 Anders/SM0HPL
May 02 2011, 17:53 av 5P0O
Varför kommer SMFF-numret inte med i ADIF filen?
Det kunde evt. stå i "<qth:x> yy"

Vy 73/44 de 5p0o, Steen
May 02 2011, 16:37 av SM6CDN
Jag förstår SM0KBW:s synpunkter. Regeln att ena parten skall befinna sig i ett SMFF-område är viktig. Det tvingar oss ur våra bilar för att promenera in i reservatet. För många reservat så ingår inte parkeringen i reservatet om man tittar på kartorna noga. Det går ju inte heller att "köra över gränsen" några meter med bilen för att komma på "rätt sida". Det är ju normalt förbjudet att köra motorfordon inom reservaten.

Detta innebär ju att vi måste promenera in en bit och rigga vår utrustning i naturen, och det var ju det som var meningen!

Vi hörs!

73 Sven / SM6CDN
May 02 2011, 16:04 av SM0KBW
Mottot för alla WFF-are är: "Let's Save The Green Planet Earth" står det i uppropet. Om man tittar på topplistorna är det de som åker runt som tättingar mobilt som tar topp placeringarna!

Tycker att intentionerna var de rätta men SMFF utvecklas till ytterligare en vem kan köra runt mest mobilt - tävling.

Äkta 44 till de som faktiskt går ut i markerna och kör.

SM0KBW som lägger ner sin SMFF aktivitet.
May 01 2011, 20:49 av SM0HPL
Import av ADIF för QSO med utländska stationer till min logg hos SK6AW gick alldeles utmärkt! Tack!
Apr 30 2011, 23:34 av SM0HPL
En fråga som tangerar Mats/SM7BUA:s Från början kunde man inte logga utländska signaler varför jag lagt in allt utländskt jag kört i hamlog.eu istället. Kan man även importera dessa QSOn som ADIF till sin logg på SK6AW?? Exportera som ADIF verkar ju funka OK..
Apr 30 2011, 21:25 av SM2JCG
Varför får jag hela tiden meddelande om att tidsangivelsen är fel trots att jag gör exakt som det står?
Apr 30 2011, 21:14 av SM7BUA
Hur funkar det med poäng för körda QSO med OH?
Har kört OH3GZ ett par tre gånger, men han ör inte confirmerad i min logg?
Räknas endast svenska stationer?
Apr 25 2011, 09:05 av SM5ACU
Jag skrev 16 april 11:03 om ett problem att skriva in tecken i fälten. Har just upptäckt att det dykt upp även i en annan applikation, så det har INGET med SMFF att göra.

Sri för ev besvär.

Apr 25 2011, 01:42 av SM5ACU
Den rutan har förstås funnits framför mina ögon hela tiden utan att jag sett den - Eller fixade du dit den i ett nafs?
Apr 24 2011, 23:16 av SM6U
Nu är det nytt dagsläge.

Kryssa i "Visa aktiverade/körda SMFF för alla" under sökningen så blir det gula/gröna pluttar för de som någon har loggat/bekräftat någongång, istället för att de som du kört själv blir gula/gröna.
Apr 24 2011, 22:50 av SM6U
Du kan inte (i dagsläget) få upp någon lista, men om du söker via ID# i områdessöken så ser du om någon har aktiverat och/eller kört det området tidigare.
Apr 24 2011, 21:39 av SM5ACU
Kan man se vilka SMFF som ingen ännu aktiverat?
Av alla områden som man kan välja att aktivera är det ju trevligast att köra från "nya" - det ökar chansen till pile-up.
Apr 23 2011, 23:49 av SM0HPL
Jag blir mer och mer imponerad av systemet (och systemarkitekten) bakom SMFF-sidorna. De funkar suveränt och jag hittar nya nyttiga och roliga features hela tiden (ungefär som att hitta påskägg). Snyggt!!
Apr 22 2011, 23:30 av SM6U

Ange den signal du hör i luften. Crosscheckingprogrammet tar inte hänsyn till eventuella tillägg.
Apr 22 2011, 19:55 av SM0KBW
Tack för allt arbete ni lagt ner!

En fråga om loggen bara. Ska man bara ange motstations signal utan
/m, /p ... ?

Bengt / KBW
Apr 22 2011, 15:17 av SM6U - 8S4S
Verkar som att du har någon elak brandvägg (typ ZoneAlarm) som "dubbelpostar" för säkerhetskontroll? Du kan ta bort ena QSO't utan problem, de är taggade med individuellt ID.
Apr 22 2011, 13:43 av SM6CYJ
Fick problem i dag vid inskrivning i loggen. Registrerat QSO blev dublerat.
Alltså samma qso och tid blev två olika rader! Kan jag ta bort ena av raderna utan att
förlora den andra raden?
/Sten SM6CYJ
Apr 22 2011, 13:42 av SM6CYJ
Fick problem i dag vid inskrivning i loggen. Registrerat QSO blev dublerat.
Alltså samma qso och tid blev två olika rader! Kan jag ta bort ena av raderna utan att
förlora den andra raden?
/Sten SM6CYJ
Apr 20 2011, 16:45 av SM6MKR
Tror jag nu klarat att registrera mig för denna aktivitet.

Men är ännu ej riktigt klar med hur QSL-andet sker o hur kontackterna godkännes.

73 de SM6MKR Bosse
Apr 17 2011, 15:17 av SM5AKU/Janne
Hupp! Slarvade o glömde ange /P för eget call i onlinelogen för några kontakter. Kan jag editera sånt i efterhand?
Apr 17 2011, 14:35 av SM5CZQ Kjell
Mats SM7BUA/P ropar nu SM på 7024,5 från SMFF-3080
Apr 17 2011, 10:43 av sm4xbc jo79gi
hejsan snygg hemsida ni hade här mycket bra gjort
http://sm4xbc.se är min då dock

73 de sm4xbc i karlskoga
Apr 16 2011, 15:47 av SM5RN
När jag har fyllt i loggen och vill spara kommer upp en ruta som ber mig skriva år månad datum yyyy-mm-dag precis som jag har tidigare gjort. Det går då inte att spara loggen. Det vore dessutom mycket bra om det fanns en handhavande instruktion för alla turer på sidorna - RN
Apr 16 2011, 11:32 av SM5AKU Janne
Ajdå! Föregående skulle visst läggas i "bloggen". Ursäkta en ovan.
Apr 16 2011, 11:25 av SM5AKU Janne
Just nu (0925z) är SM5USM/P aktiv på 3744 SSB från SMFF-0895 Perstorpsskogen och det hörs fler "skogsmullar" där.
Apr 16 2011, 11:03 av SM5ACU /Uno
Plötsligt trassel med att skriva in RST, SMFF-nummer i loggen:
Typiskt: Efter varje inknappad siffra markeras den vilket innebär att nästa inknappade siffra ersätter den förra. Om man inte är observant och jobbar med mus/pilknappar så blir det alltså lätt RST 8 i st f 58 och SMFF 85 i st f 3285.
Plattform: Firefox 3.1.16/Ubuntu.

Besläktat (?) problem på Opera/Win CE 6.1: Det går inte att placera markören sist i fältet för klockslag, och högerpiltangengen fungerar inte.
Apr 16 2011, 08:57 av SM5ACU
"Min loggbok" visas i två versioner. I den, som inte visar alla QSO, kan jag inte läsa blåmarkerade anropssignaler - de har samma färg som bakgrunden.
Firefox 3.1.16/Ubuntu 9.10 32bit/Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03).

(På mina andra plattformar gär det OK)

Som helhet är det fin färgsättning!
Apr 15 2011, 13:58 av R3/SM6LRR
Till Er som är vänliga att aktivera olika SMFF:

Om det finns möjlighet, försök också att stämma av antennerna på frekvenser över 7 MHz. Jag har från mitt Moskva-QTH med ljus och lykta letat efter Er på 80 och 40 meter, men det är tyvärr omöjligt under dagtid.

10 eller 14 MHz hade varit suveräna frekvenser, som även kommer funka bra sommartid för QSO mellan SM2/3 och södra Sverige.

SSB – 3744, 7144, 14244, 18144, 21244, 24944, 28444 kHz
CW – 3544, 7024, 10124, 14044, 18084, 21044, 24894, 28044 kHz

Meddela gärna i bloggen om Ni avser att testa på litet högre frekvenser oxo, så ska jag leta efter Er vid mån av tid.

73 de R3/SM6LRR

Apr 11 2011, 18:15 av SM6U, Rickard
Kommer man med bra idéer knycks de omgående av SK6AW :-)

Efter lokatorsökning kan man nu välja att tanka hem en CSV-Fil som öppnas direkt i Excel eller annat valfritt officeprogram som kan hantera kommaseparering (fast för att excel skall gilla den är det semikolonseparering..)
Apr 11 2011, 17:41 av SM2DNR
Eftersom koordinaterna inte skrivs ut när man listar de närmaste naturreservaten så kan man göra så här:
1) Lista naturreservaten inom t.ex 25 km.
2) Högerklicka på denna sida och välj "Källkod". (Firefox).
3) Scrolla ner en bit på sidan med källkoden så finns de listade områdena med koordinater, SMFF-nummer och namn!
4) Markera koden med koordinaterna och klistra in i WORD.
5) Printa ut Word-dokumentet.

Länsstyrelsen har i sin karttjänst "Besök ett naturreservat" en kommunvis indelad lista, klicka på önskad kommun och välj ut ett reservat. På infosidan för reservatet finns ett dokument "Beslut och skötselplan naturreservat" där info och kartbild finns.
Obs, detta gäller länsstyrelsen i AC län och det kan vara annorlunda för andra län.
Apr 09 2011, 08:31 av SJ5E
Hur gör de som inte har dator?
Jag försökte logga in åt kamrat Rolf som inte äger dator, men programmet säger att e-postadressen används redan, vadå, han har ju ingen e-post adress.
Apr 09 2011, 08:28 av SJ5E
Du hittar loggen när du är inloggad under Aktiviteter-Min loggbok.
Gå in på din länstyrelse och titta efter skyddad natur-naturreservat, man kan få leta lite, eller använd den fina google kartan som finns i denna site, på första sidan. Jag har en liten laptop med mig med drifttid på ca 5-6 timmar. Loggar direkt på denna maskin.
Hoppas vi hörs. 72 44
Apr 08 2011, 22:20 av sm7cbs
Nyss reggad och ska prova hänga på detta. Någon kanske kan berätta var man hittar online-loggen. Här till vänster finns ingenting som verkar tyda på att det finns någon?

En annan fråga. Jag befinner mig på Öland och har ca 50 platser inom 25 km radie. Men tittar man på kartan blir det ju väldigt svårt att hitta var gränserna går på varje naturområde. Så vitt jag förstår kan en del väldigt liten areal.
Hur gör ni andra? Tar Du med karta ut? Eller bärbar dator?
Apr 08 2011, 15:03 av SJ5E
OK, jag lade in dem igen, någon finger ofärdig har väl varit framme på mitt tangentbord.Nu verkar det funka.
Apr 08 2011, 14:58 av SJ5E
OK, jag hittade 80m qso,na.. PUHHH. men de två på 40 försvann tydligen, skall prova igen.
Apr 08 2011, 14:54 av SM5MEK/sj5e
Problem med loggen, vart tog qso,na vägen? När Jag böt band försvann 80m loggen, även qso,na på 40m saknas? Eller är det så att jag inte hittar rätt?
Apr 05 2011, 10:10 av sm5mek
Hört rykten om start av SMFF awards i april 15 då årsmötet startar, stämmer det?
Vore bra med besked innan så man kan fila på vilket reservat som blir först ut här.
Tnx för gott arbete
Janne SM5MEK / SJ5E
Mar 28 2011, 19:04 av F5JJW
Hi dear friends
I ask for help
for several days it is not possible for me to get a password
thank you
Joël F5JJW
Mar 09 2011, 18:08 av US4IRT/Vasil
UFB DX-Cluster!Vy tks!GL 73!
Feb 18 2011, 18:15 av IS0XDA
SK6AW Team, congratulation! Thanks for the great iphone web pages. They are very lovely.
73 de Gianni, IS0XDA

Feb 12 2011, 19:03 av KB3RPE
Thanks for the great "spotting' site ... worked many DX with my "100Watts & a wire" as a result....
Jan 08 2011, 19:39 av EI5GUB
Hello Happy New Year to all ye Hams up in Sweden,thanks for the great Cluster which I have on my fone,keep up the good work,all the best from Ireland,cheers Richard EI5GUB.
Dec 27 2010, 16:29 av SM5MEK
MMMMM, taste more smakar mer med både iota och wff highlited, varför inte även SOTA? Så slipper man ligga på sotaclustrtet utan kan få allt på en site.
TAste more with both iota and wff on same cluster how about add SOTA also?
That gives no need for more than one site.
Nov 06 2010, 13:24 av 2e0sco john
Qth. NORTHUMBERLAND 16 miles north of newcastle-upon -tyne
Nov 01 2010, 17:47 av SM6U
If you are refering to the logcheck it's on purpose! Giving complete QSO details could render the QSOs invalid in some diploma programs that disallows public posting of QSO details.

In your own log ( at http://www.sk6aw.net/logger ), details should be complete.
Oct 31 2010, 11:17 av DL0QW
When I search for a station I miss the DATE in the display.

73, Mario dc7ccc / sc4ccc
Oct 21 2010, 12:01 av DK0AE
Hello SK6AW Team,

nice and usefull page. Thanks for all the nice tools. I checked it out a little bit and I am very happy. It´s very easy to make configurations for the own Online Log and special DXCluster settings. I like the notification function to get very special DX announcment by email. Thanks for the good work and keep it up as long it is possible.

Greetings from Germany
The DK0AE Team, OP Mirko, DJ1AA
Oct 17 2010, 22:29 av WQ6X
Hello from California!

My non-Amateur friend pointed me to your website.
I am thinking of visiting Sweden in the next 9 mos. or so and thought it would be good to hook up with Amateurs while I am there.
I am a DXer and an avid contest operator. I also enjoy experimenting with wire antenna designs; one of which I call the WQ6X-8JK and it's variant the WQ6X-8JK Broadside array.

If you participated in the CQP contest two weekends ago, you may have encountered me on CW operating K6M. You may have also seen my DX spots on the VE7CC cluster.
You can see some contest photographs on my FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1399745268.

You can also see many interesting things on my website: http://WQ6X.Info



Oct 16 2010, 04:35 av SM7ISU
Mycket bra sida, skulle vilja ha en knapp så att jag kunde välja mellan den gamla och nya sidan, iof kommer den upp efter en stund. Keep up the good work. And last old indian saying " May the BUG never walk your path " Vy 73 - Tommy i Vetlanda
Oct 10 2010, 19:27 av SM6FUD
Fantastisk fin hemsida!
Att strömma ut loggresultaten under SAC SSB var en riktig kanongrej!
Vy 73 - Bengt i Vårgårda
Sep 23 2010, 13:19 av SM6U
Testing. Should be working again :-)
Jul 03 2010, 14:56 av ZL3TS
An excellent web page.Please keep up the good work.TNX
Best 73 de Steve
Jul 02 2010, 01:51 av SM6U, Rick
Spotters by continent is now available!

On major request, sending announces is now possible. Click "send spot" and find the new announcement fields below the regular spotting form. We will keep an extra eye open to cease any abuse immediately.

.. and some more changes like push notifications. Enjoy!
Jun 27 2010, 21:50 av DG5BKL
excelent work!
but i would like to sort the list by spotters-prefix. it would help to select the important entrys.

73 de dg5bkl
Jun 18 2010, 22:02 av DL1OFC Daniel
Hello, its a great Homepage...

73 de DL1OFC Daniel


May 24 2010, 09:42 av SM6U, Rick
Thanks for the compliments. We have choosen not to implement transmitting of announces since they seem to be abused very often, especially from webpages. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause to all descent users, but we hope you understand our point of view.
May 22 2010, 01:01 av DF7DQ
Almost every day I am using the DX-Cluster. Good job .... but how it is possible to leave a message in Announces? Can not find any input box.

73 de Peter
May 18 2010, 13:36 av PB3SM-SM6CPI/Kjell
Hej på er,
Jag är verkligen imponerad av sajten. Nägot sådant fanns ju inte när jag var medlem i början av 1970-talet...
Pierre hade den starkaste signalen på 14 MHz i förmiddags.

73 de Kjell
May 16 2010, 23:47 av G4UNB
May 16 2010, 23:47 av PA3ANF
It is a real pleasure to use the DX-cluster.
It is one of the best...

Keep up the good work.

Nice radio club hi.... Whise i was living in Sweden hi...

Best 73 de Jos PA3ANF
Apr 20 2010, 01:34 av John 2NY515
hello folks I am not a Ham yet. Going for the liscense shortly. I stopped into the sight and love it. Hope u don't mind that I visit before getting my Ham. All the best fro, Staten Island, New York.
Dec 29 2009, 17:36 av SM6U
Hi. All settings are based upon cookies/sessions, so if your connection to the cluster drops and comes back with default settings, it seems to me as if you lost your internet connection and perhaps changed IP-Address (if it's dynamic?) and thus the cookies might not be valid anymore.

I have never seen the problem happend on any computer I use. My settings are retained even if I leave the PC off for two weeks and then fire up the site.

HNY de SK6AW :-)

P.S. If you have a user-account, use the checkbox to save settings as default. If you log in again, all settings will be reset to your saved settings. D.S
Dec 27 2009, 06:28 av M3SWK
hi guys, the cluster keeps on timing out on me, I havent quite timed how long before it closes, a couple of mins i think, it times out then shows live cluster of everything going on rather than my settings. can someone help please. regards and happy new year to all.
Dec 17 2009, 22:08 av DL2AAV Wieland
Hey...a friend told me about this cluster. Will visit often.
Dec 07 2009, 21:35 av W8JRB James Baird
I had a friend hook me up with this site..
Nov 23 2009, 18:54 av 2M0XAT
how do you use the message board at the boottom of the cluster page. Thanks Ross
Nov 15 2009, 02:34 av 2e0ims
great cluster site i use it a lot
73 de Manchester uk
Nov 10 2009, 19:28 av LA5SMA
Er det noen som har ett lett oppsett for "Create new layout"(Qsl print).
Jeg får det ikke til.
Lars Erik
Sep 29 2009, 10:56 av SM5NDI

Hej lycka till med antennerna som Ni köpte av VRK. Jag är övertygad att de hamnade hos rätt klubb!

73 de George
Aug 17 2009, 21:26 av R3/SM6LRR
Thanks a lot for the visit to Hisingens Radioklubb last week! It was a true pleasure to see the nice set-up and I am looking forward to working you in all the upcoming contests from my QTH Near Moscow (Naro-Fominsk).

Especially THANKS to SM6MIS and SM6IQD for giving me this possibility to see a former "competitors" shack... :) At the time when SK6RR and SK6AW were rivals for the Top Multi-Single SM6 station, it was a lot more difficult to vist :)

Also a pleasure to meet Christer (SM6VAO/SM6V) at the station!

Good luck and keep up the excellent work of developing the Radiosport interest on the Forward Side of Sweden (The West Coast)!!!

73 de R3/SM6LRR, Mats
Aug 05 2009, 13:15 av SM6U
We were not aware that the old spotting page was dysfunctional! I have corrected it now, so it should work again.

What kind of problem appears when you try to use the new one? It's basically the same page with just some other colours. Also I would appreciate a screenshot or a more detailed report about what doesn't work and what's weird with the "new" cluster (and wich browser you use, IE8, FF3, etc?), so I can try to fix it. You can mail me at sm6u [at]sk6aw.net.

Aug 05 2009, 12:48 av VK4KAC
Since the new cluster page I have not been able to see any way of sending a "Spot" ....bring back the old page.
When I try to use the old page to send a spot I get a screen message " Error page not found!" I also find times are out and frequencies are all over the place. I guess it's a hard job to run a DX Cluster, I couldn't do it...Good Luck Ross.
Aug 04 2009, 12:35 av SM6U
Hi. The function hasn't been added before, but it is now. Check "Options" in the cluster menu, and you will find a link at the top of the page where you can change your password.
Aug 04 2009, 11:38 av DL1PF
Hello, i have now a Password from you, but i want to change my Password, what can i do?
73 Dl1PF

Jun 20 2009, 18:06 av DF4BJ
i have had the problem too.
But now everything is good and works well as before.
thanks and good dx

vy 72 de Udo, DF4BJ/qrp
Jun 19 2009, 00:00 av SM6U
Ross! I just corrected a bug that created a problem if both BAND and MODE was selected. Does it seem to work now?
Jun 16 2009, 21:01 av SM6U
Does any other settings work, like mode, number of spots, etc?

If not, it's probably some cookie/session problem. It may help to "restart" your browser and/or remove the cookie "SK6AW".

Does the 'old' cluster work? http://www.sk6aw.net/cluster/old
Jun 16 2009, 20:43 av 2M0XAT
I don't know what has happened but the frequencies are all over the place instead of just the 14Mhz QSO's when selecting the 20m band. the same thing when selecting other bands. ????????????????. Any ideas. Thanks Ross
Jun 16 2009, 20:28 av SM6U
Not that I know of. I'm not exactly sure how you mean. If I select "20m" in the dropdown-list, I get only 20m QSO's?
Jun 16 2009, 20:19 av 2m0xat
Hi Rick, is there a problem with the frequencies on the cluster. When specifing say 20m the frequencies seem to be all over the place. Cheers Ross
Jun 14 2009, 10:27 av SM4KIP
Kul att träffa en del av er på Vhf-träffen i Knottebo.

Mvh Leffe i Askersund.
Jun 10 2009, 21:17 av DF4BJ
Hello Rick,

thank you very much. It's just the best site in the web!!!
You did a great job. Please go on so....

vy 73/55 de Udo, DF4BJ/qrp
Jun 02 2009, 15:47 av SM6U
Now it's possible to save settings per login. If you check the "Save settings as default" box, it will reset to your current settings everytime you sign in, regardless of the computer.

Also, we added 60m (5200-5500) as a filter/display option yesterday.

Jun 01 2009, 15:54 av SM6U
Udo, the settings should be saved (on your PC) in a cookie, so it should not matter if you log out/close your browser. It may depend on your security settings.

I will implement a method to save the current settings so that they will load up on whatever PC you log in on in the future. I'll put it as a checkbox under "Options". I'll get back to you when it's done.

K3MJW, thanks for the QSO! You were quite loud here on the 4el that can be seen in our "Antenna farm" :-)

May 31 2009, 15:53 av K3MJW
Greetings from Skyview Amateur Radio Society www.skyviewradio.com Enjoyed the brief QSO 73 Larry (AB3ER) op
May 31 2009, 12:49 av DF4BJ

it would be nice, if i can change the -band- and -mode- entry, which will be set at startup.
I only work 30m CW and so i must changes everytime i logged in.

Is that possible to you?

very best regards and THANKS for this GREAT SITE !!!!!!!

vy 73/72 de Udo, DF4BJ/qrp
May 30 2009, 13:45 av DL8BED
Congratulations it is a very good cluster and working ufb.
73 de Dieter near Bremerhaven
May 27 2009, 12:43 av SM6U
Hi Ross, We received another request the other day by e-mail for the colour changes. I don't recall making any changes to those files when moving the cluster, so I don't know how they got lost/changed. If it's too little of a contrast, please give us a shout. Colours differ quite much from monitor to monitor.

Thanks for the compliments! Nice to hear that you like it :-)

May 27 2009, 11:52 av 2M0XAT
Nice colour change. You guys really know what you are doing. Thanks alot and nice to see you listening to your members. Best Cluster ever. Thanks Again Ross, Scotland.
May 27 2009, 10:56 av 2M0XAT
Hi there, great job with the cluster, i've been using it for years before the upgrade. I prefer the grey skin and think it's easier on the eye, however when clicking on a callsign for QRZ.com, i've noticed (when using the grey skin) the call turns white and is difficult to see in the backgroung. I believe it used to turn dark blue and still allowed you to read the call. Appart from that this is the best cluster around. Thanks Ross, Scotland
May 24 2009, 22:23 av DJ8QQ - Horst-
just registered to your cluster without a problem. The site looks great and so will report also there one a while.
Greetings from Cuxhaven and good hunting.


May 20 2009, 15:26 av SM6U
Frank, that's not normal. The e-mail should arrive within seconds up to a few hours depending on your e-mail providers settings. You can try to check if the e-mail ended up in some anti-spam box or filter. Otherwise, try to sign up again (you can use the same login until one of the registrations has been validated). Try with some other e-mail address if you have anotherone and the first one won't work.

If it still fails, send us a mail and we'll look into it.

May 20 2009, 12:17 av PA3FS
Hello yesterday i registered my self @ dx cluster,but i can not log in. I don't have receive a email to confirm my accont. Is this normal ?
73 Frank
May 20 2009, 12:03 av DF4BJ
it's just the best site in the web!!!!
You did a really great job!
my very best regards from Udo, DF4BJ/qrp, JO32TU,
Spahnharrenstaette, Germany
May 11 2009, 20:44 av SP2DNI
SM6U...Rick, now everything is fine, the registration is successful. Thank you!

VY 73' de Andy
May 01 2009, 22:00 av SM6U, Rick
SP2DNI, I tried to reply to your mail, but I got some error message in Polish. Please try to sign up using some other e-mail address (gmail, hotmail, etc).
May 01 2009, 10:14 av SP2DNI
I have a problem with registration. Mail does not come with activation!

VY 73' de Andy
Apr 25 2009, 21:52 av F5JJW
Thank you.
Now it works well.
with the new address of the site it was impossible to me logger.
explore with 8 or mozilla firefox. same problem
thank you again
Joel F5JJW
Apr 25 2009, 20:36 av SM6U, Rick
Hi! Thanks for all the compliments!

It seems as if all the mails concering your registration has been delivered to your mailbox. They may be found in some kind of anti-spam box?

I activated your account tho, so just login with the login/password you signed up with last time and it will probably be OK!
Apr 25 2009, 20:04 av F5JJW
WEEB super site thank you.
for 1 week but big big big problem. impossible to login. how?
thank you
Apr 20 2009, 20:40 av SM0BYD, Hasse
Hejsan och GRATTIS, till en MYCKET läcker hemsida!!!
En fortsatt 3vlig vår samt skön sommar, helst dessutom med goda condx! CARPE DIEM! 73/88 SM0BYD/Hasse, som på torsdagarna är en av edra QSL-hanterare, för alla inkommande kort till kansliet i Sollentuna ( min fotohemsida: http://webshots.com/user/cinemaniac1 )
Apr 14 2009, 11:24 av sm4xbc karlskoga
hejsan i söder
snygg sida ni hade
är min sida

73 de sm4xbc
Apr 14 2009, 08:01 av DK8RE
Very nice new WEB-Site !
Greetings from Mühlberg/Elbe !

Hans, DK8RE
Apr 14 2009, 02:01 av DE1RWM
Hallo ,
congratulation to your new design of this web-site . Greetings from Marl (DOK:19 , Locator:JO31NP) , Germany .

73 es 55
Ralf , DE1RWM
Apr 09 2009, 08:54 av M0UOO/M
What a great web site and i amm very impressed with your station looks really great.

Apr 01 2009, 13:52 av SM6BMI Palmgren
fd medlem för 100 år sen. Ville bara hälsa till den fina nuvarande gängen.
73 de -BMI
 CQ WW CW28 Nov00
 LZ DX21 Nov289.894
 NAC 129617 Nov11.265
 OK1 WC Act..16 Nov1525
 MT SSB15 Nov812.560
 MT CW15 Nov52.528
 OK/OM CW C..14 Nov311.587
 NAC 5012 Nov310.490
 NAC 43210 Nov23.740
 Ukrainian ..07 Nov145.584
 20:10z  ZA/YT7DQ 7004.2 
 20:10z  LU9MDH 28057.9 
 20:10z  PY6RT 18128.0 
 20:10z  OL3Z 7036.9 
 20:10z  OM5XX 7044.0 
 20:10z  C92ZO 21054.1 
 20:10z  K1WB 7004.9 
 20:10z  GW5R 7010.9 
 20:10z  CR6K 14092.8 
 20:07z  V51B 14190.0 
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