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SDR-Mottagare för ett par hundralappar av SM6U/RickardMar 28 2015, 11:37 Comments: 4 
RTL-SDR low bandwidth webcontrol:

Live scores SAC SSB av SM6U/RickardOct 09 2014, 19:08 Comments: 5 
Här har ni möjlighet att följa SK6AW's poängjakt i SAC-SSB i realtid!

SK6AW SAC CW - Multi Single av SM6U/RickardSep 20 2014, 09:10 Comments: 1 
Live scores!

Server maintenance, this Sunday av SM6U/RickardDec 01 2013, 01:01 Comments: 1 
During this Sunday, SK6AW will be offline during 1-2 hours between 10-19 UTC due to server maintenance.
work av SM6MIS/StenSep 28 2013, 16:18 Comments: 0 
some more photos
Tower preparation work av SM6MIS/StenSep 28 2013, 16:16 Comments: 2 
Weekend work at the clubhouse
Preparation and casting of the concrete base for the new tower (24m).
Participants: SM6GBM, SM6MIS, SA6BGR, SM6UQL, SB6A & SA6CBY
Arbetsdag av SM6MIS/StenJun 01 2013, 20:00 Comments: 0 
some repair work done at the club house
participating was: MGZ CB UQL YAT YOF GBM BGR ANK & MIS
Försommarträff på Stan av SM6MIS/StenMay 19 2013, 19:35 Comments: 0 
Pre-summer gathering in the city center of Gothenburg
Three club members attended, SM6IQD, SM6YAT & SM6MIS
We took something good to drink and eat on a local restauran,t for a couple
of hours.
Serverbortfall av SM6U/RickardMay 05 2013, 17:43 Comments: 0 
SK6AW has been unavailable for a little bit less than 45 hours due to a number of unfortunate circumstances during a power failure. Measures has been taken to ensure it won't be as bad again.
NU är det nära för 24 M masten. av SB6A/PierreNov 12 2012, 21:43 Comments: 3 
SM6UQL/Bengt managed to get the bottom six meters of the 24m tower on the ground last Monday with the help of a crane guy, and this weekend SM6IQD/Rolf, SM6DGF/Bosse and SA6BGR/Pelle built the form for the tower base. It will be strenghtened and cemented as soon as possible!

73 de Perre SB6A
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