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SDR-Mottagare för ett par hundralappar av SM6U/RickardMar 28 2015, 11:37 Comments: 4 
RTL-SDR low bandwidth webcontrol:

Live scores SAC SSB av SM6U/RickardOct 09 2014, 19:08 Comments: 5 
Här har ni möjlighet att följa SK6AW's poängjakt i SAC-SSB i realtid!

SK6AW SAC CW - Multi Single av SM6U/RickardSep 20 2014, 09:10 Comments: 1 
Live scores!

Server maintenance, this Sunday av SM6U/RickardDec 01 2013, 01:01 Comments: 1 
During this Sunday, SK6AW will be offline during 1-2 hours between 10-19 UTC due to server maintenance.
work av SM6MIS/StenSep 28 2013, 16:18 Comments: 0 
some more photos
Tower preparation work av SM6MIS/StenSep 28 2013, 16:16 Comments: 2 
Weekend work at the clubhouse
Preparation and casting of the concrete base for the new tower (24m).
Participants: SM6GBM, SM6MIS, SA6BGR, SM6UQL, SB6A & SA6CBY
Arbetsdag av SM6MIS/StenJun 01 2013, 20:00 Comments: 0 
some repair work done at the club house
participating was: MGZ CB UQL YAT YOF GBM BGR ANK & MIS
Försommarträff på Stan av SM6MIS/StenMay 19 2013, 19:35 Comments: 0 
Pre-summer gathering in the city center of Gothenburg
Three club members attended, SM6IQD, SM6YAT & SM6MIS
We took something good to drink and eat on a local restauran,t for a couple
of hours.
Serverbortfall av SM6U/RickardMay 05 2013, 17:43 Comments: 0 
SK6AW has been unavailable for a little bit less than 45 hours due to a number of unfortunate circumstances during a power failure. Measures has been taken to ensure it won't be as bad again.
NU är det nära för 24 M masten. av SB6A/PierreNov 12 2012, 21:43 Comments: 3 
SM6UQL/Bengt managed to get the bottom six meters of the 24m tower on the ground last Monday with the help of a crane guy, and this weekend SM6IQD/Rolf, SM6DGF/Bosse and SA6BGR/Pelle built the form for the tower base. It will be strenghtened and cemented as soon as possible!

73 de Perre SB6A
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 NAC 2802 Jul(2)0
 NAC Open30 Jun(3)0
 King of Sp..27 Jun161.180
 Ukrainian ..20 Jun1217.623
 All Asia CW20 Jun28.000
 NAC 129616 Jun36.730
 MT CW14 Jun41.478
 MT SSB14 Jun3900
 GACW DX Co..13 Jun12.436
 NAC 5011 Jun4214.072
 09:18z  DL6XAZ 18100.0 
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 08:17z  VU2RBI 21015.0 
 08:16z  ZD7VC 14225.0 
 08:16z  RV3MA/2 7095.0 
 08:16z  IW2IGO 7130.0 
 08:15z  PD50DRAA 14244.1 
 08:15z  E51DWC 10110.0 
 08:15z  I3VAD/P 7127.0 
 08:15z  EB4SM 7090.0 
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